We cook hundreds upon hundreds of fresh, healthy meals in the Heat & Eat Lean kitchens every single week.

We’re driven by a passion to give customers back their precious time and money by doing meal prep for them, allowing them to get on with things they’d much rather be doing. That knowledge alone gives us all the motivation we need, but of course it’s always fantastic when we hear from happy folks during the week as they get stuck in to their delicious bespoke menu.

But we want to cook more and give even more time back – starting with you! So if having Heat & Eat Lean sort your meal prep for you is of interest but you’re yet to give us a go, here are seven reasons why you won’t regret it…

1) You’ll spend your lunch money right

Choosing Heat & Eat Lean to sort your meal prep for you is a great way of spending your hard-earned cash when it comes to food. When you know our meals are sitting pretty in the fridge, you won’t be tempted to buy lots of stuff you don’t really need in the supermarket, nor splash out on expensive work lunches or takeaways. Heat & Eat Lean ensures you spend your meal money right.

heat eat lean oriental chicken

2) You’ll get valuable time back

Time is an invaluable resource and you need to treat it as such. When your meal prep is sorted and delivered to your door, you’ll take back the time you’d have spent in the kitchen and be able to put it towards something you really care about or enjoy – whether that’s another gym session, socialising, or working on a project. Even better, you won’t need to waste time snaking around the aisles of a supermarket. Bonus!

3) It ensures you eat better

Heat & Eat Lean meals are built to keep you full throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset, all whilst ensuring you stay lean. Knowing you’ve got satisfying meals ready to eat will help you resist temptation to eat poorly with low-energy meal deals or snacking at your desk throughout the day.

4) They’ll help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be

All of our meals come with their macros on the lids, making it ridiculously easy for you to keep track of exactly what fuel you’re putting into your body – perfect for ensuring you don’t over or under eat when you’re working out in the gym or simply fitting more exercise into your life. If you’re unsure exactly what macros are, be sure to check out our video blog explaining what they are and why they’re so important to living a healthy lifestyle.

5) It takes the stress out of worrying exactly what you’re eating

Ever been out and about at a venue with only those food vans in sight, when you suddenly start worrying about what they’re putting in their meals? With Heat & Eat Lean you’ll no longer be faced with concerns about calories or all the bad stuff in fast food – instead you can simply pull out your ready to eat dish, tuck in and relax knowing you’ve eaten just right.

6) There is a wide variety of meals to choose from

It’s all too easy to fall into the routine of cooking or buying the same thing to eat every single week, whether that’s spaghetti bolognese or a chicken sandwich. It gets boring quickly, but that’s not a problem you’ll have with Heat & Eat Lean. Our menu offers a wide variety of dishes and cuisines, from Cajun Burgers to Italian Chilli and everything in between. You’ll never get bored with our quality combinations.

7) They taste delicious

Last but by no means least, every single delicious item on the Heat & Eat Lean menu is mouthwateringly delicious! Don’t just take our word for it – give them a try and sort next week’s meal prep in an instant by visiting our Menu page and putting together your meal prep order today!

heat and eat lean chicken fajita

I hope that’s given you enough reason to give us a go! If you have any questions, please just give me a shout and I would be more than happy to answer them. You can also sign up to our mailing list here to get regular tips on keeping lean and alerts about our special offers, new meals and recipes.

Thanks as ever for your support. I’m looking forward to cooking your meals already!

Jonny x