Avocados are little bastards…. 

It’s like they play a game with you…


The industry is HUGE, and its only a little avocado!

I watched a program on Netflix called “Rotten” – this episode was solely on avocados, shock for the reference.

And it’s MADNESS.

The industry is so BIG that the poorest people in Mexico and Chile cannot afford to run their farming businesses.

River beds are dry and the water is all metered for the GIANT companies who can afford it.

7 semi-unusual facts about avocado’s;
1. 700,000 avo’s are imported into the UK every day.

2. If an Avocado temperature drops below 30o for more than 4hrs – it is ruined.

3. The Avocado industry is wort approximately $2.2bn.

4. “AVOCADO” comes from an Aztec word meaning Alligator testicle, that makes sense considering they are green and grow in pairs.

5. The industry is so big there are cartels in Mexico kidnapping and extorting for Avocado money.

6. Most of Chile is baron of water because huge companies have made water metered meaning many rivers ave dried up.

7. There is an avocado commission that controls media coverage to make sure avo’s are seen in a good light.

The craziest thing I find with these stats is the avo commission.

Self proclaimed adverts that fly out protecting the reputation of the tasty little bastard.

BUT back in the 70’s the truth nearly killed the green testicle.

Guess what, they may be PACKED full of goodness but still quite calorific.

Next time you mash one up, just be aware of the grammage and the fact that it could be as many calories as a medium Heat & Eat Lean meal.

IF, you are mashing them, salt – pepper – lemon juice and ohhhh babyyyy you’re good to go.

Also, they are put with an egg and some artisan bread and normally accompanied by a hefty price tag.

Don’t throw calories or money away!

I’ve done my piece of civil service for the day.

Go easy – peace.