In this modern age of online news and social media, many newspapers, brands and internet personalities are vying for your attention.

With so many options to get your information from, many of these outlets rely on sensationalist (or rather, just clickbait) headlines deliberately designed to be misleading or very economical with the truth. This is particularly the case when it comes to health news or healthy lifestyle pieces.

In recent weeks there’s been a load of published stories which have caught my attention, simply because they’re so disingenuous it can actually end up giving readers the completely wrong advice in which to keep active and healthy.

One of the stories which grabbed my attention the most, which was on Sky News of all places, was that simply doing 15 minutes of exercise per day is better for you than hitting the widely regarded 10,000 steps per day. The thing is, the 15 minutes of exercise is only beneficial if you’re coming from a place of zero activity; and my fear is that those currently walking 10,000 per day may be inclined to be less active as a result of that story.

Watch my latest vlog below and see my explain in better detail about why you should beware sensationalist health stories…

It’s a similar story for Instagram fitness gurus/doctors/nutritionists/lifestyle coaches (delete as appropriate). Anyone can type that in their bio and just because they may have a big following, doesn’t mean what they say is gospel or should necessarily be followed.

Hopefully that’s helped you understand a bit more about how many of these outlets unfortunately operate. The key is and always has been maintaining an active lifestyle with plenty of exercises and putting the right fuel in your body.

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