I’ll BATTEN-BURG you in a minute.

I’m talking about cakes not BURGERS. I have the ULTIMATE way to help you to lose weight in this email. However, there WILL be breakfast burgers coming soon, so just calm down…. This time it’s ALL about the CAKES and how I can help you. Got some POINTLESS dinner party facts for you; – Battenburgs are traditionally 2 colours, PINK and YELLOW.– They are ALWAYS checkered by pattern.– They were made… Read more »

Cats Can Help You Get Out Of Your COMFORT ZONE.

I just got back to London after spending a few days in Suffolk seeing some of the FAM-O-LAM. This is pure white gangsta talk here. You may also have seen through my stories that Duncan Tappy the PRO driver was trying to make me sick driving a 500 bhp Audi R8 around Snetterton race circuit. Anyway, I am… Read more »

Least we forget….

We will not ever FORGET history.  That is the beauty of history, it always remains – the only unfortunate thing is that sometimes it carries devastating loss or memories that may hurt. Heres the trick… Use past experience and history to MAXIMISE and STRENGTHEN what you are doing now.  Fitness, nutrition, relationships, jobs, anything. Try… Read more »

History + Tradition = Habits

Do you not believe me that this equation is true….? You try NOT slam dunking a biscuit into your tea… or better 4 of the bastards. #TheyMadeMeDoItThe thing with this is history (what has happened in the past). Mix that with tradition, a ‘sentimental’ meaning if you will (the transmission of beliefs from generation to… Read more »