Do you want PAIN or an EASY time?

I’ve seen the best meme ever, reminded by my brother, “never set it to the year 2020” good old Doc, we should have listened… It’s just a shame there are no floating skateboards now! I know this all too well as I picked mine out last week for a skate with a friend and now… Read more »

My mind is all kinds of messed up…

I just got back from the, hopefully, soon to be parents in law. Not hopefully because I’m treading on egg shell ice or anything like that. Due to the in-ability to book a ceremony in 2020. Have you ever tried learning a language? Ever tried putting it into practise with a professional? By professional, I… Read more »

Common misconceptions about food!

Fun one today about these common misconceptions about food!… Some say that its completely useless information… …others say it could be used to shut someone up at the post lockdown re-opening party… To say there are a few misconceptions in the fitness industry would be a lie. Some literally want me to put my head… Read more »

Burning CALORIES or burning SOLES?

The first part of this has everything to do with burning calories – laughing burns calories you know! Any time I hear the word SOLES I think of my Dad telling me a story about his old business and a prank phone call. A gentleman called up asking for his boat to be insured by… Read more »

It is NEVER too late… to sleep more!

This weather is insane and is a perfect excuses to sleep more. Bet the work from home lot are LOVING LIFE right now! Siestas in the sun, doors open, fresh air! Who doesn’t love an afternoon nap… Naps are brilliant for sleep additions and to catch up. Didn’t quite get the right amount the night before?… Read more »

We ALL have a CHOICE…

Cookies vs THE WORLD/ healthy choices Today Mum and Dad bought home the bacon, and by bacon I mean Marks & Spencer’s cookies! For something that should be described as heaven… these are actually hell for those trying to keep trim/shredded/lose weight… you get the point. Why is the buttery high sugar cookie so f***ing… Read more »

I hate coffee!

Before you get triggered into thinking, “is he mad?!” This is directly related to weight loss. I went 29 years without having one because I hated the taste. The thing is I hadn’t quite figured out the right blend. It wasn’t until I was in Bali that I really found a blend that I liked. The blend… Read more »

Don’t get HANGRY: feed your brain healthy food

There are different versions of tiredness… Obviously, I am talking about this in direct relation to food, nutrition and your heath. In my opinion these are; 1. You’re ACTUALLY tired.2. You’re hungry.3. You’re bored.4. You’re lazy. Now, these are easily combated and figured out. The FIRST, covers many aspects – how much sleep you got, what… Read more »