We’re always keen to spread the word about how the many benefits of Heat & Eat Lean can have a fantastic impact in your life.

Earlier this month, we found ourselves doing just that at Solan Fitness, a multi award-winning gym franchise which is every bit as passionate about making a positive difference to peoples’ lives as we are.

After Heat & Eat Lean caught their attention on social media (make sure you’re following us on Instagram, by the way) they invited us to pay them a visit and to taste a range of our delicious meals. We’re delighted to say they absolutely loved them, as you can see for yourself in the video below.

Take a look and see me talk through some menu highlights, explain why I created Heat & Eat Lean and of course witness their live reactions to tasting the dishes themselves!

How can Heat & Eat Lean benefit me?

Everyone likes the comfort a good home cooked meal and that’s always been at the forefront of our ethos. We take meals that people love to eat and turn them into calorie controlled, lean, healthy options that save you time, money and effort – and help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Take our Philly Cheesesteak, for example: we’ve taken out the bun and ensured it hits your calorie and macros targets for the day, without compromising the taste whatsoever. It’s a similar case for our Turkey Meatballs, Chicken Fajita, Salmon Risotto… well, with everything on our Menu!

heat and eat lean solan fitness taste test

And if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered there as well: our Protein Carrot Cake went down a storm in the Solan Fitness taste test as you can see, and is an infinitely tastier option than simply downing a protein shake or egg whites in the evening.

So, you’ve seen them take the taste test – now why not try Heat & Eat Lean for yourself? Head over to our Menu and order by midday on Fridays to ensure your meal prep for the following week is sorted without any hassle whatsoever. All you’ll need to do is work out what to spend that acquired extra time on!

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In the meantime, drop me a line if you have any questions. I’d be delighted to answer them!

Jonny x

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