This cat is WAYYYY in his COMFORT ZONE.

I just got back to London after spending a few days in Suffolk seeing some of the FAM-O-LAM. This is pure white gangsta talk here.

You may also have seen through my stories that Duncan Tappy the PRO driver was trying to make me sick driving a 500 bhp Audi R8 around Snetterton race circuit.

Anyway, I am not here to tell you whether I did or did not throw up a Heat & Eat Lean meal in the footwell of a racing car. #WouldHaveBeenGoodContentThough

It is a good interlude into COMFORT ZONES though…. 

Are you willing to go beyond YOURS?

Don’t lie to me now… not that it bothers me if you’re LYING to yourself. 


My uncle and auntie have cats – they have electric shock collars… this is to stop them going onto the road and getting too far afield in the very rural area that they live.

It literally is fields for a far as you can see. You can actually play the game, “Spot the House”.

Not a real game. Btw. “Selling in stores everywhere” £18.9999999….

Not to digress too much….

They get a shock when they get to the limiting boundaries. (the cats! Not my Auntie and Uncle).

Now, normally cats would just give up because they would remember what areas give them the shock.

But us humans are different. Yeah, NO shit Jonny.

We can learn to deal with pain. I mean just think about your last gym session.. bet most of you went through some kind.

You masochists! 🤪

If we had the electric collar… we could step forward every step to get used to the shock. 

Now this may be scary, but, remember you are NOT a cat, you are a human.

You can get through it if you can withstand the discomfort.

It won’t actually hurt you. And it certainly won’t kill you. Once the initial shock has passed.

Just like a cold bath actually.

This is all it takes to edge away from the comfort zone… and you can do ANYTHING!

What will YOU CHANGE this week to edge out of your COMFORT ZONE

Comment below!

Why do you want all of the SHREDZ and want a good physique but you are not willing to count calories, weigh their food and spend hours in the gym. 

Entrepreneurs- Some people don’t want to endure uncertain salaries and endless hours doing things that may not amount to anything.  

The real question is, what pain are you willing to endure?


jb x

FYI – I DID NOT throw up. #Winner