I got 99 PROBLEMS but MEAL PREP ain’t one.

As our friend Jay-Z would admit, with are many, many problems in this world, some say even 99 of them.

One of those 99 is a personal one for me today.

A flat tyre.

So, I want a car because it’s easier to get around.

My problem of not being able to go where I want, when I want, in my own comfort and time, is ‘FIXED’.

But, it also costs more money to insure, fill with petrol…

Ohhhh and because it’s awesome fun, you occasionally get nails in your tyres.

One problem exchanged with another that can then develop a different problem.

Annoying, but £90 and a quick pitstop later, channelling the Red Bull Formula 1 mechanics, did you know they can change all 4 tyres in about 2 seconds. Pitstop record this season of 1.7 secs stationary.

I had changed for the spare tyre in about 60 mins. 

(Im not a complete retard, tyre change took 20 mins, 40 mins finding a tyre place that wasn’t trying to take me up the tail pipe with what seemed to been diamond laced priced tyres)

I was back in business!

Now the next problem of getting on with everything I was supposed to do in that time.

Problems don’t go away they just get EXCHANGED or UPGRADED

Don’t gave a GF/BF or any/many friends. 

Get one you and you will still want the other. (The next problem – TNP)

Get both. You can’t see either as much. (TNP)

This is a ‘GOOD’ problem, but still a problem none the less.

Let’s get closer to nutrition and fitness.

You feel “fluffy”.

You decide to get a gym membership and start eating healthy.

Guess what, you’re about to hit another problem….

You will need to get up early and sweat like a meth head for an hour to achieve your goals.

Oh, not to mention you need to have a shower at the gym before work.

The list goes on….

You have to cook meals from scratch and think about what you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

Your work, and life, is FULL of problems.

HAPPINESS is about finding a selection of problems you like dealing with.

If you like solving them each day then you’re not quitting any time soon.

If you want to be in good shape then weighing food and counting calories is a very good place to start,

Second best place to start is replacing your shit breakfast and lunch with something better.

A ‘HEALTHIER CHOICE’ if you were.

I can’t help you with friends or relationships but I can help the other “GOOD” problems. 

I can actually make one in particular GO AWAY. Well, sort of…. through food prep.

At least you’ll have time for another problem. 

Like getting promoted at work or going on holiday. 


jb x

LINK below for the problem to GO AWAY.