Do you not believe me that this equation is true….?

You try NOT slam dunking a biscuit into your tea… or better 4 of the bastards. #TheyMadeMeDoIt
The thing with this is history (what has happened in the past).

Mix that with tradition, a ‘sentimental’ meaning if you will (the transmission of beliefs from generation to generation).

Thats what your parents or grandparents used to do.

Why should you do any different?

Now, there could be many reasons, the era that said person grew up in, ignorance or even bad education.

Do this for long enough and, BOOM, you have yourself a habit.

It is a habit whether or not its a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ one.

If it is a ‘bad’ one​​ then you will try and do something immediately to fix rather than logically thinking about it.

The world seems to be playing catch up with everything lately;
– global warming
– ocean pollution (or where it ends up)
– health

The problem with catching up is that you forget the time it took to get here in the first place. 

“Things” do not happen overnight. 

If you play ‘catch-up’ after arriving at a party, it is DEFINITELY going to end in tears for the chaser.

Catch-up is hard. We know what we want, but suddenly, like dogs, have no concept of time elapsed.

Don’t be that excited puppy wanting everything immediately. 

The world has not been ‘fucked’ on a one night stand.

The poor bastard has been taking it up the tailpipe for a very long time.

Do not be like the world and try and elicit a monumental change over night.

Start by changing just 1 meal a day to make sure that one is definitely ‘on point’.

Then start adding to it.

Any amount of change has taken time to get there in the first place.

Remember that when you are trying to undo it.

So, by the time that holiday comes around you are in a far superior position than the person trying to do it the week before they go.

Order some fully energising meals and go get after your goal!

JB x