Every week we receive messages from people all over the country who are eager to find out more about our meals and why they can be so effective in helping people get – and stay – lean.

Our FAQ page answers many of these questions but I want to explain in more depth about how Heat & Eat Lean’s menu can be so beneficial to your healthier lifestyle and diet.

As I touched on in my vlog about fad diets, the principles of weight loss are all the same no matter who you are or what your lifestyle is. It’s the method of delivery of your calories and macros that makes the difference – ultimately, you are what you eat.

So if a lack of cooking is stopping you getting results, or you find yourself buying crap food when you’re wasting time traipsing around the supermarket, Heat & Eat Lean is here to take every last bit of hassle out of eating well and keep you on the healthy straight and narrow!

Our meals are macros-controlled, ensuring you feel full throughout the day and aren’t tempted to stray into the bad food zone. In fact, choosing Heat & Eat Lean is like setting a sat nav in your car to take you somewhere you’re not entirely sure the location of: you don’t need to do anything other than eat our meals and you’ll see the results start to come in – all you need to worry about is living your life and deciding how you’re going to spend the extra time it gives you back.

As you progress, I also invite you to do check-ins with me personally to ensure you’re always satisfied with your food intake and plan.

So whether you’re a time constrained parent, aspiring bodybuilder, busy professional, or simply looking to lose weight, be safe in the knowledge that our tasty, nutritious meals can help you achieve your goals – with no need to shop, prep, cook or wash up!

How you can get started with Heat & Eat Lean

heat & eat lean oriental chicken

Quite how you get started is entirely up to you! You can either visit our Menu, choose a selection of the delicious meals and clean cheats that catch your eye – or you can contact me about your goals and ideal results and I’ll put together a bespoke menu that perfectly suits your most effective macros targets.

It really couldn’t be easier to start eating much better and get back your invaluable time to do something you’d much rather be doing.

I can’t wait to help you get started, so be sure to get in touch if you have any questions.

Thanks as always for your support,

Jonny x
Heat & Eat Lean Founder & Head Chef