I’m talking about cakes not BURGERS.

I have the ULTIMATE way to help you to lose weight in this email.

However, there WILL be breakfast burgers coming soon, so just calm down….

This time it’s ALL about the CAKES and how I can help you.

Got some POINTLESS dinner party facts for you;

– Battenburgs are traditionally 2 colours, PINK and YELLOW.
– They are ALWAYS checkered by pattern.
– They were made to celebrate celebrate Prince Louis of Battenburg marrying Princess Victoria (Prince Phillip’s grandmother.
– It is an exemplarily British cake!


DO NOT I repeat DO NOT watch any type of baking program, professional or amateur.

You WILL get hungry, also do not watch it with someone who has never eaten the shown desserts. 

You will then HAVE no choice but to go out and buy 17 of each of these cakes.

Anyway, I have done my bit and you have been warned.

An ANTI dessert button is in this email for you below.

It will save you! I promise.

Lunch time cleaner eating this way!

jb x


Halloween related dishes;
– pumpkin pie PROATS
– protein pumpkin pie
– veggie pumpkin risotto

– peanut butter & jelly PROATS
– half English breakfast 
– salmon and potato hash
– breakfast burgers

Main meals;
– Mediterranean chicken
– rosemary chicken
– meatball shashuka

For all your action packed VEG needs, some Vegan dishes.
– gardeners pie
– mushroom stroganoff
– eggplant bake (inspired by my trip to Serbia)