We will not ever FORGET history. 

That is the beauty of history, it always remains – the only unfortunate thing is that sometimes it carries devastating loss or memories that may hurt.

Heres the trick…

Use past experience and history to MAXIMISE and STRENGTHEN what you are doing now. 

Fitness, nutrition, relationships, jobs, anything.

Try not to let it hold you back if you can.

75 years ago today, on the 6th June 1944.

Allied military forces were sent to Normandy to start the assault on Nazi-occupied France. D-DAY.

One simply cannot even comprehend what these men and women went through.

Carrying everything they need on their back, INCLUDING their FOOD.

Some could argue that the army started ‘meal prep’.

Im certainly not going to argue the point. They are trained killers.

Anyway… to get serious for a second.

I just wanted to take a moment to REFLECT on how LUCKY I am to provide a service to you guys.

We all owe a lot to what others did SELFISHLY for us in history and in particular on this day in 1944.

Below is an image that shows the comparison of my modern day take on the D-Day “rations” compared to what the HEROS of 1944 had. 

I know what I would rather have…..

Orders are still OPEN until midnight (00:00/12pm) tonight.

JB x

D-DAY rations vs MODERN-DAY rations.