What a load of BOLLOCKS some “documentaries” are….

You may have heard of a show NETFLIX called “GAME CHANGERS“.

It was interesting to say the least.

Most of the show was spent pausing and discussing the various points with the GF.

I mean this isn’t as annoying as watching a film with someone for the first time.

All you get here is, “so whats happening now”, “who is that”.

I don’t bloody know either, I’m sat watching the same thing you are!

 I didn’t have the director over for dinner last night.

So back to the show… it was ALL about being Vegan, or more accurately “Plant Based”.

Yeah NO shit, more plants would be better for you. 


Please DO NOT go into the garden and start munching roses or fushias.

Let me explain first.

The show does a thing called “confirmation bias“.

This is where they show everything that agrees with the answer they want to give.

NOT actual science.

The same can be said for the other BS show on Netflix called “FLAT EARTHERS”.

What a bunch of NOB’s they were.

But either way, within the first 20min, you sit thinking, “holy shit, they are right! The world could be flat and I should give up meat”.

Because it all kind of makes sense.

Until you snap out of it again and treat it all with MANY grains of salt.

The world is round and can be seen in MANY videos and pictures, unless there are SO many people in on it – doubt that.

Being “plant based” will of course improve your health.

Guess how… you’re eating FAR more nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Your plate will ACTUALLY look pretty colourful.

Subsequently healthier!

On that note, check out some images of the new “PLANT BASED” meals.


jb x


Halloween related dishes;
– pumpkin pie PROATS
– protein pumpkin pie

– peanut butter & jelly PROATS

For all your action packed VEG needs, some Vegan dishes.
– veggie pumpkin risotto
– mushroom stroganoff
– eggplant bake (inspired by my trip to Serbia)


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