12 Week Full Plan

Our FULL 12 week FAT LOSS meal plan includes:
  • 4 meals per day- breakfast, lunch, dinner and a clean cheat
  • 12 weeks of high quality wholesome meals 100% natural and delivered to your door
  • WhatsApp community support group
  • Tips and tricks for snacking
  • Exercises to maximise results
Our 12 week FAT LOSS plan is designed to:
  • Provide you with wholesome, tasty meals that you can actually ENJOY – We accommodate any food intolerances too. Just let us know!
  • Get you involved in our WhatsApp community support group to help you keep MOTIVATED and share your journey with like minded people trying to achieve similar goals
  • Educate you on the types of foods that you can eat on a regular basis for OPTIMAL nutrition and WEIGHT LOSS
  • 3 ingredient EASY recipes sent out weekly
  • Insightful and INSPIRING weekly emails
  • LOSE BODY FAT and improve body confidence and shape 
  • Show you how to integrate exercise into your LIFESTYLE
  • App recommendations to stay ON track

What is different about our Plan from all the others you may or may not have seen:

The major benefits of this plan is that you get to eat HEALTHY HOMEMADE food. There is no calorie counting or tedious weighing of your food (“where did I put those scales”), we do it all for you! Easy. All you have to do is scan the barcode into the MyFitnessPal app and you are away.

What you need to do:
Send us your age, weight, height, activity level and dietary preferences
We will provide you with your recommended daily calorie intake and additional nutritional advice
Price includes 12 weeks of food & delivery charge

From £2,499.00

From £2,499.00



  • I would absolutely recommend Heat & Eat Lean, absolutely amazing service and delicious meals!

    Laura Sutton (IG: @laurasutton85)
  • Heat & Eat Lean meals were a life savior for me as a full time worker and part time instagrammer/blogger. Perfect for when you are struggling with time for example! Super balanced, full of flavour and crazy amazing macros.

    Laura (IG: @mangoandbliss)
  • I have tried several meal prep brands, and I have to say, Heat & Eat Lean rank number 1. The taste, the nutritional content, the accuracy, the menu choices, the overall service is just fantastic.

    Ryan Libbey (as seen on Made in Chelsea) (IG: @ryan.libbey)
  • The food is absolutely fantastic! I still can’t believe how tasty food on the go can really be. Its quick, tasty and feels like I am eating real home cooked food! There is clearly a huge amount of care and attention that goes into each and every meal.

    Armana Rai (IG: @armana_rai)
  • For meal prep companies taste is often an after thought. Not with Heat & Eat Lean. Bags of flavour, good size portions for the amount of calories, and the meals allow you to stay on track knowing what you’re eating.

    Ben Coomber – Heat & Eat Lean Nutritionist (IG: @bencoomber)
  • These meals that they were seriously delicious and very and I look forward to my lunch each day and each meal was full of flavour and left me feeling full and satisfied. Not to mention how much prep time they save me in the evening.

    Lucy Spicer (IG: @spicer.fitness)
  • I would recommend to anyone. Some of the best foods and recipes on the market! Heat & Eat Lean is a fantastic meal prep company.

    Jamie Alderton (IG: @grenadejay)
  • Absolutely fantastic and delicious meals. Working a demanding city job results in little time for lunch. Heat & Eat Lean meals are quick, easy and convenient – the perfect solution.

    Laura Wilkes (IG: @thepigsadventure)
  • This really isn’t your ordinary meal prep company. The meals are great tasting and I look forward to my next meal rather dreading the same thing over and over again.

    Ross Dickerson (IG: @DickersonRoss)
  • After having tried many companies, this one has hands down come out on top of the list for me! Not just for the all-important taste, but for freshness and nutritional aspect as well as fantastic service.

    Gauri Chopra (IG: @gchopra_thefitlife)