I went for a run this morning.

Cool story bro….

But wait, there is a reason for me telling you this, j.

When I was running, my my was clear and I had an epiphany moment.

My mind said to me its easy to stop.

Why? Maybe because its easier to run and stop then run again after rest?

No! Is the answer. Seriously.

Starting again takes more effort than continuing to run.

I had some niggles and it felt like an effort.

The thing is, after not stopping for a while, my body eased.

The back niggle went, the strides increased.

It felt like I actually had more momentum!

I thought….
“this is much like giving up or breaking the ‘eating well’ momentum”


Its easier to keep moving than stopping and starting again.

So trust me when I say keep going.

If you spend time actively doing it, the next time you stop you’ll wish you kept going.

Grab a 4 week subscription to take hold of that momentum.

Get after feeling fresh and improved for summer 2019.

The time is now. Keep going!

Peace out!
jb x

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